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Monthly Production on February 23, 2023



Description of the play:

Florence is a one act play set in a segregated railroad station in 1950, in which a black woman (Mama) accompanied by her daughter (Marge), and a white woman (Mrs. Carter) wait for a train to take them to New York City. Mama is waiting to travel to NYC to visit her other daughter who, despite her discouragement, is pursuing a career in acting. A conversation ensues between the women revealing the prejudices that were so prevalent at the time, and the corrosive effects of racism and stereotyping.



Mama: An African American woman passenger

Marge: Mama’s daughter who has accompanied her to the train station

Porter: An African American man or woman

Mrs. Carter: A white woman passenger waiting for the train


To borrow a copy of the script or for questions:

Contact Wendell MacNeal at or 843 705-4831

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