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Sun City Community Theatre

Workshop Announcement

“Follow Spot” Workshop


Calling all those interested in learning how to operate the “Follow Spots” (i.e., the spotlights that follow the appropriate action on the stage) for Sun City Community Theatre productions.


Facilitated by: Phil Mastman


When: August 12th (1:00 to 4:00 PM)              Where: Magnolia Hall Sound/Lighting Booth


Participant Limit: 6

Purpose: To provide instructions to participants re:
    · The purpose of “follow spots”
    · The different types of “follow spots” in general use 
    ·  How to use the controls on the Magnolia Hall spots
    ·  Techniques for using spots to follow action on stage
    ·  Best practices for taking cues during shows and working with the rest of the lighting team

(Note that learning how to run “follow spots” is a great way to become introduced to the technical side of the theatre. It’s easy to learn, and will greatly enhance the theatre experience for our audience.)

If interested, contact: Phil Mastman at or Phone  (513) 256-0185