Auditions & Workshops





        Feb 27 (Thu): Monologue Readings (Hidden Cypress) 1-4 PM

        Mar 2 (Mon):  Music - Songs   (Pinckney Hall) 4:30-7:30

        Mar 4 (Wed):  Dance Auditions & Call-backs (if necessary)

        Mag Hall - Green Room   4:30-6:30


Monologue Readings: Be prepared to read:

•   one of the monologues from Working (on this page) AND

•   one other monologue (from any source) of your choosing

Monologues - no longer than 1.5 minutes each… and not memorized.

Audition forms should be filled out and brought to this audition.


Music Auditions: Be prepared to sing approx 20-30 bars of 2 songs:

•  One a ballad

•  One an upbeat number

These should be songs you’ve sung before and with which you are comfortable/confident. Please bring music with you (we can help, if necessary)


Questions - or if unable to attend any scheduled Audition date: Contact Nat Towle, Stage Manager, (248) 705-6089,


To borrow a Script or Music CD for WORKING, please contact:

•  Nat Towle, Stage Manager, (248) 705-6089,

•  Mairo Towle, Ass’t Producer, (586) 504-9879,


To view a good amateur production of WORKING, try this link:


To hear cast recordings of the music from WORKING, visit YouTube:

•  “Working Musical Soundtrack,” (Broadway)

•  “Working: A Musical  Original London Cast Recording” (London)



Carol Dines is planning to hold a Scene Study Workshop starting on February 20th.  The class will involve a maximum of 8 participants with multiple sessions to be held on the dates and locations noted below.  This class is geared toward persons with prior acting experience.  It will be open to the first 8 persons responding, but there will be a waiting list, if someone decides to cancel out.   Anyone wishing to attend should contact Carol at 502-396-3154.


Date           Time                    Location                            

2/20/20     1:00-4:00PM      Hidden Cypress, Santee River Room

2/27/20     1:00-4:00PM      Lakehouse, Dockside Room

3/5/20       1:00-4:00PM      Hidden Cypress, Savannah River Room

3/12/20     1:00-4:00PM      Hidden Cypress, Savannah River Room

3/19/20     1:00-4:00PM      Hidden Cypress, Santee River Room

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