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Young Frankenstein

March 2023

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taffeta dahling
sumpin dirty I am sure
someones been here
sedative ready
roll in the hay
real love
put the candle back
Oh doktor
Ms. Morrison
one of the family
mania 3
mania 2
its eyegore
it walks
Inspector Kempf
in da skool
igor warmup
I think I love him
im Inga
homey wif da sounds
Howl at the moon
he feels no pain
he_s a good monster
grandpa is a goner
goot evenink herr doktor
girl don_t you know it
got no words for this one
gather around children
gettin in the family business
fronkensteen cast
gimme a head with hair
frau bluechre
family business
do not put the candle back
chillin with Phyllis
Beverly in Skool
young frank crew
wigs r us
young frank cast
who are you, you, you
wheres the monster
transylvayna mania
what did he give you
where a wolf
warm up the voice
u had a nightmur
town meeting
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